REgis Online™ is a web based mapping and reporting engine developed to support site selection decisions. We have harnessed the power of Bing Maps™ from Microsoft® and paired it with more than 20 years of Commercial Real Estate know-how to bring you the most useful tool available today.

Instant access to maps and reports

Your maps and reports are ready to print, email or save the instant you see them on the screen. You can view and save your projects as pdf or have them exported to Microsoft excel sheets on-the-fly. No need to have your work emailed to you or to go back to a web site to download them. Instantly email them directly to prospects or coworkers with a simple click of a button.

The best data available

When we decided which data set to offer as standard with our products we had many choices. We chose Applied Geographic Solutions because their data was, and continues to be, the most realistic we could find. The AGS methodology just makes more sense when using the data to support multi-million dollar site selection decisions. Unlike other providers' databases, which are frequently available only at county or zip code levels, AGS data is available down to block group levels.

Pricing and availability

Call 480.491.1112 or email for more information about pricing and availability, or to place your order.

Key Features

Flexible trade areas

You can define your study area using radius rings, drive times or drive distance with just a click of a button.

Custom trade areas

You can leverage your market knowledge and get the precise trade area that shows the demographic strength of your site with hand drawn study areas.

A wide variety of reports

With the reports available you will be able to make sound site selection decisions and show your locations in the best possible light to your prospects.

Fast and reliable site analysis

Quickly evaluate the demographic strength and gauge the revenue potential of sites very early in the consideration process to speed the decision making process.

Shared site library

Share reports and maps with other users in your office or company.

NEW Site Evaluation Tool

The new Quick Info tool gives you instant yes/no feedback on a site. Quickly see if a site needs more attention or if it just doesn't make the list.

Site Explorer - Use a familiar folder based file system to organize your sites in your Site Library. Then share your library with anyone.

Quickly add to, organize and share your Site Library. The simple drag and drop interface lets you make quick work of organizing your sites for sharing.

MarketOptimization™ completes days of market research in moments by quickly running hundreds of demographic reports and weighing them against one another, giving you the top sites based on the criteria you specify.

The MPSI TrafficMetrix data provides the most extensive and current traffic count information available for the United States. With more than 1.5 million counts covering all areas and all types of roads, TrafficMetrix gives you the traffic volume information you need for routing, trade area analysis or mathematical modeling.

RetailVoid Analysis™ is an amazing REgis Online™ add-on tool that lets commercial real estate professionals quickly identify retailers who are likely to benefit from opening a new location in your study area.

  • Identify retail Voids across the USA.
  • Compare your study area to the metro market.


Sample Reports

Standard Demographic Reports
Add-on Demographic Reports

Business Reports

Consumer Expenditure



Geodemographic Segmentation Reports


Consumer and Buying Habit Reports
(Available for REgis Online™ and Custom Mapping.)